Rogue Trader

Into the Maw

Our story so far:

The explorers have met with Orbest Dray after docking at Port Wander, an aging employee of the explorer’s dynasty who delivered to them an ancient astrological map in the form of a mnemolith. This map points to the star system in the Winterscale Expanse that is the resting place of the Righteous Path, an ancient battleship said to be laden with treasure. During the delivery of the mnemolith, they were set upon by a group of armsmen in the service of Hadarak Fel, a rival rogue trader. After a botched attempt to steal the mnemolith by Lady Ash, the explorers fought off the ambush and delivered the men to Arbitrator-Sergeant Targos of the local Adeptus Arbites.

After locating an astrological map which will lead them in the direction of the star system displayed in the mnemolith, the Magoros system, the explorers received word that their inquiries around the station had tipped off Hadarak Fel and that he was departing from where he had his ship secretly docked. The explorers set off in pursuit.

In an attempt to deliver a parcel, a job which they picked up in exchange for the astrological map, the explorers were set upon by two ships belonging to Stygian Reavers, who had heard of the explorer’s passage through the area from their contacts at Port Wander and were lying in wait. The explorers fought their way through another ambush, and delivered their cargo.

Now the explorers set off once again for the Magoros System in pursuit of Hadarak Fel and in search of the treasure of the Righteous Path.


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